Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the fountain of eternal youth is a scam

I think Al Mohler and I watched the same movie this past weekend.


Chris said...

Gosh, that seems to fit in with your "men failing to lead" book, doesn't it? Perhaps it's a good explanation, in part. I'm also rather sure that feminism has a bit to do with it too ... downplaying manhood (see Deb Hirsch's stuff, it's brilliant) in order to turn men into something more "refined."

Maybe this is just one of those cases of multiple causes.

ckhnat said...

i watched Failure to Launch for "research" purposes. however, i want to put a disclaimer out there. the intention of my book is not to bag out men for their lack of initiative or leadership ... that's another man's responsibility.

(see my boyfriend's blog)

my goal is to work at rectifying the failures of women. rarely do we encourage men ... much less respect them. i believe that Mike is a better leader in our relationship because i show him respect and trust him and communicate the desire for him to lead and praise him for his achievements.

(note: i did not enter into this relationship to test my theories)

Chris said...

well then I suppose it begs the question: did you enjoy your research? (did you like the movie, I've been thinking of renting it).

and that's good to hear - I think it's about time somebody wrote a book saying "let men be men, and the maybe women should think about their own failings before they yell at their men about theirs" ... or am I missing something?

One Salient Oversight said...

I take a lot of things Al Mohler writes with a massive grain of salt.

I do not think that the problem our our society today is immaturity leading to singleness and lower birth rates.

There is no command in the bible to marry. There is no command to have children. Single and childless people are not being sinful.

The birth and marriage rate of the entire world is dropping. I don't think it is because Chinese, Indian and African people are lacking maturity.

ckhnat said...

OSO - indeed, i do as well. while he may be the president of my seminary, when it comes to issues of singleness ... well, i take the good and toss the ridiculous. Anyone who's read my blog for a while knows that i am an advocate of single people. They are not broken individuals that the church needs to repair by marrying them off. men and women individually are created in the image of God. Woman does not need man to complete her.

i am often frustrated by Mohler's rants towards single Christian men because while i see much truth in what he says, I don't think marriage is the answer to prolonged adolescents. Perhaps Driscoll's advice to a college kid who called him up after watching a porn video is closer to the target. Get a job, meet a nice girl, marry her, and enjoy sex with her.

instead, i enjoyed the film and article for it's take on the lack of maturity (unrelated to romantic relationship status).

I am, however, discovering, however, God's good and perfect plan in bringing two people together to become one. Together they image Christ to one another and to the world around them.