Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lauren, child super-artist

I just got a lovely note in the post from my dear friend Carmen, complete with a sketch from her younger sister, Lauren. Lauren is a child protege ... and I ... was her teacher.

Lauren is an incredibly gifted cellist as well as visual artist ... with a very witty ... and at times sarcastic ... mind.

I began teaching Lauren art when she was in grade 6, teaching her some of the basics of drawing and color theory. The following year I challenged her to put her creativity to use in a variety of different mediums as we studied our Christian heritage in the visual arts. Here are examples of her work under my direction at two art shows I coordinated. Lauren always went above and beyond the prescribed parameters of each assignment.

This is Lauren's model of the Tabernacle ...

... complete with the curtain that separates the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Tent of Meeting.

After studying icons, each student (each saints themselves) created their own self-portrait icons. Saint Lauren is known for her forgetfulness, love for music and books, derailed thoughts, and her trusty side-kick Scruffy the Cat.

This is Lauren's Celtic Calligraphy modeled after the Lindisfarne gospels.

Inspired by the Surrealists, Lauren created her own ... not an assignment ... Surrealist masterpiece. You may notice that various lines in the drawing combine to create the body of a whale. The forest to the right of the river begins as palm trees, then pine which morph into coloured pencils. The village opposite the waterfall is a combination of absurd houses that you would never find together ... two of which are homes that Lauren's family built. Above the village is a scene depicting the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, bordered by the waterfall on the left and cascading dominos on the right. Below the village is Lauren's cousin playing with block houses distorting the perspective of the picture (especially in contrast to the woman walking down the footpath.)

Conceptual Sculpture of Lauren's understanding of Christ titled "Bought At a Price"

Mastercopy of J. W. Waterhouse's Mellinda

Other students' works:
Winter Art Show

Spring Art Show


Martha said...

Very nice! My kids always loved to draw, especially the oldest. Several years ago he threw out many of his childhood drawings. Thankfully, I was able to rescue some before they were lost forever.

Priscilla said...

I believe Christine knows your oldest.

ckhnat said...

Yup ... Jim's my favorite color

Ruth said...

Wow - she is very talented. Isn't God kind giving us such gifts.

Donna said...

Christine - you look sooooo first lady in that spring green suit. In a good way. :)

Also, did you study art in college/privately? I assume the welcome table had pieces that you had painted? If so, they are quite good. I majored in art for one semester of college - long enough to know that I loved it as a hobby, but not as a career.

ckhnat said...

yeh, it's more a personal hobby for me now ... however, professionally, I would love to teach again ... similar to the program I worked up with Lauren and my other private art students.

I studied Art Ed. in college.

It really irked me when my profs. would stare at me wide-eyed when they learned that I was *only* Art Education.

Only?!! What is THAT supposed to mean?!!

We just assumed that you were Commercial Art.

On what grounds?!!

Basically my work was on par with my CA classmates ... and supposedly someone who was *only* studying Art Ed. oughtn't be as good as I was.

I could have been CA if I wanted ... but that's not what I wanted to do. I wanted to enable people to use their creative gifts for God's glory. I love teaching and witnessing the spark of learning in my students. Sigh ... to teach art again ...

Martha said...

I think it's wonderful that you chose to share your gift of art with children. Art can be an awesome gift.

Priscilla said...

Yeah. I was always keen on art.

The Borg said...

Yes, very first lady, but way more Jackie than Hillary! I totally dig the green suit.

Donna said...

Borg - exactly what I was thinking! :)

Chris - Are you considering teaching again here? Especially considering the fellowship you are with (Sojourn - great community), I thought you would have more opportunity to pursue starting a small group or something.

Martha said...

I can't imagine being compared to either of those first ladies. They may be glamorous (in some ways) or sophistocated but I don't think they're anything like the godly women Christine is trying to inspire. At least I hope not!

ckhnat said...

Donna - I don't know when I'd have the time. I've been able to produce a bit on a hobby level but as far as teaching ... taking 5 classes at the Sem. and trying to get everything finished before November ... well, that dream is put on hold.

I hear Shiloh recently started an art group at Crossroads. How's that going, Shy?

ckhnat said...

i decided a couple of years ago not to run for first lady. but thank you for your votes of confidence.