Wednesday, August 09, 2006

new rules for church men

I enjoyed reading this post via Rodeo Clown.

What would you add to the list of rules?

Women, should we have a list?


ckhnat said...

hmm ... i think the first on the women's list ought to be

"Thou shalt not use prayer time as an opportunity to gossip."

Donners said...

Good one stine, its very bad form.

2nd one, thou shalt listen and be encouraging, except in cases of slander and general unkindness. We need a way of not encouraging slander without haveing to feel awkward for refusing to take part in it....

meredith said...

Hey - LOVED the man laws and the comments with it. Laughed lots and felt much better for it. *grin* But wasn't that about how to make church more comfortable for men without forcing them to be pansies? I don't think women have the same struggle with discomfort in church... it's all become so nice and toothless, in general.

I personally would like to hear gutsier preaching. Call that sin a SIN thank you very much, instead of forever justifying it. I am sick of pussyfooting in the name of not casting stones. (Sounds like the guys are too.) Example for common sin of women: "she's so well-groomed -- look at that perfect manicure (whatever, fill in the blank) but the girl over there really needs a makeover - no wonder she isn't married..." Hel-LO, that's *vanity*. And *pride*.

K, sorry. Got into a wee rant there.

One of the girls in my church stopped coming because the women all wear turtlenecks and she felt judged about her pretty clothes. Which were not tarty, by the way. Can we maybe make some rules about modest clothing that doesn't make a virtue of frumpiness?

Catherine said...

Love it! "Gossip does not equal a prayer chain" and "Frumpiness is NOT next to godliness" would definitely need to be on the list!

And how about how some churches are exclusively populated by row upon row of "Ministry Barbie" -- perfect women who evidently came in a neat little pink box, complete with minivan, denim jumper, canvas tote bag (likely filled with Beth Moore materials), white Keds, and 3-6 perfect matching children? Doll capabilities include maintaining perfect appearance in all situations, flawless parenting, cooking, event planning, and oh, doing anything and everything better than YOU. All others need not apply.

Oooooh, the pressure and the competition. Those women frighten me! I don't want to be nearby when the pressure of perfection overwhelms them and they actually implode...