Monday, April 09, 2007

sweet mother of execution

hey Miss Halfway,

I noticed your comment looking for friends on Mike-the-guy-who-got-his-rib-broken-by-a-girl's blog. I thought I'd come over and say hi.

I was actually talking about this VERY thing with some friends yesterday. Not only do I find the commericialization of this holy day distateful ... but the idea of the CROSS being mass produced into sweet creamy chocolate!!!

really! (disgust)

Chocolate ... to represent that awful tool of execution to kill the Savior of the world .. the Son of God. And putting lovely lilies on it as decoration doesn't make the cross any less horrific. What Christ went through to bring God glory and claim rebellious people to transform their lives that they may also bring God glory ... should never be memorialized in chocolate.

THAT'S distasteful.

(wow .. that turned out to be quite a rant ... eep.)


Miss Halfway said...

hey^^ thank you so much for commenting in my blog:) and happy easter to you!

I can take a deep breath and feel relieved... we don't have such things as chocolate crosses... that IS distastefull!

I mean... really... who can make those things?? and even worse... who can find that amusing, at least?? coz if they make those things it's only coz there's a market for it... I can understand why you feel so upset..

we only get chocolate eggs here, which is already appalling.. it's like... the guy who gave his life to clean us of our sins will surely want us to commemorate his death, so let's go and eat chocolate!

as i said in my blog, im not a religious person, i believe in god but im not in good terms with the church ((don't get me wrong.. thing's may have changed since i last had a talk with a priest, or maybe i met the one crappy priest on earth)) and still i find this thing they are doing terrible.

im not against the celebration itself... but i am against this whole get-money thingy... that's why i like the greek way of celebrating this day... with real, boiled eggs instead of the chocolate ones..

after all, what represents life and new beginnings better than a real egg?? i think it makes much more sense and you don't pay lots of money for a useless thing that means nothing

Truth and Zeal said...

Chocolate Easter eggs are quite tasty, especially the Cadbury Creme Egg (they had those commercials with the Cadbury bunny who thought it was a chicken), but I agree, the commercialization of Easter is distasteful. What's even more distasteful is that many churches actually encourage the idea of Easter eggs instead of magnifying Christ and making Him great, not this Easter bunny.

ckhnat said...

oh but there IS such a wonderful sweetness to the day.

It is not Christ's death that we remember on this day ... it is His resurrection.

God became man, lived a perfect life (which we could not do), took our punishment of death upon Himself, and ROSE again on the third day ... this is what we celebrate ... Christ conquered death ... He is victorious ... and as such, those who look to him as their substitute forsaking any effort on their own part to gain God's favor, can rejoice in knowing that one day they too will not be conquered by death but live with God, glorifying Him for all of eternity.

it would not bring glory to God if we mourned on this day. What have we who know Christ as our Savior to mourn? Today is a day of celebration of life everlasting ... not the death of the Lord of all.

But there is a perhaps cause for solemn contemplation ... there are so many, like you mentioned, who do not know what they are meant to be celebrating. May we love them with the love of God and speak this marvelous truth to them in confidence, praying that God would work in their lives drawing them to himself so that they too may know life.

Paul wrote to the Corinthians:

"The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

What does the resurrection of Christ mean for you? Is it relevant at all? I recommend contemplating 1 Corinthians 15.

ckhnat said...

this might be of interest.

Miss Halfway said...

sunday school is slowly coming back to me, and yes, you are right in what you say, but still... i think it would make much more sense if, instead of using chocolate they'd use real eggs simply because they represent new life more...

but hey, that's just me:)

ckhnat, i do love the way you explain these things^^ one can tell you really like the subject under discussion and indeed enjoy talking about it:)

Miss Halfway said...

oohh, and i forgot... about that sculpture...

i find it not only insulting, but also horrific!

i don't usually mind people expressing themselves in whichever way they prefer, but this is outrageous!!

some people should think twice before making these things, coz one thing is showing your point of view on a subject and another things is making gross stuff... and that certainly is the worst thing i've ever seen in my whole life!

ckhnat said...

tell me more about the symbolism of the egg. i'm completely unfamiliar with it.


to my shame, my first thought when you mentioned the hard boiled egg was ... "How can that represent life if it's COOKED? ewww!" But I guess the eggs that we hardboil never had a chance of living anyway.

but i'm sure that you have some fascinating insight about this egg thing.

Miss Halfway said...

We have been doing this egg thingy since i was a kid...

eggs represent new life. the reason why they are boiled ((and dyed red)) is because the greeks have a special tradition. it's a sort of game in which you have to hold the eggs and hit them against other eggs, trying to crack the other eggs and keeping yours safe. in the end the egg that didn't get broken is the "lucky" one and you are supposed to keep it till the following easter as a good luck thingy.

My grandmother was the greek one in the family and she died when i was a kid, so all i know is either what she taught me and what i've learnt through the years by asking ppl or checking on the net.

but you see... as i said, eggs represent new life, when you boil them you are like killing that new life, so to speak, and by being able to keep an egg that's not broken you symbolize the triumph of life/resurrection over death. and what has always surprised me is the fact that year after year, we have always got a winning egg^^ never that i can remember did all eggs get broken.

i hope you could understand what i said :S sometimes it gets hard to describe things when one is so used to them, and not being that fluent in english doesn't help much^^