Saturday, April 28, 2007

lacking in grace

I want to apologize for my tone in the recent post "no sex for you".

It was an example of a common criticism I receive:
"Christine, you are too dogmatic in some of your principles, especially since you have yet to experience the complexities of marriage, sex, family, etc. Your statements often lack grace."
While I believe it is good and proper to formulate positions of such important issues prior to experiencing them first-hand so that one may be prepared to respond to situations in a God-glorifying manner ... the way in which we communicate our positions must show grace.

My views may be too simple ... one-sided ... it is easy to stand on a box and shout theory ... but I hope that as these complexities loom on the horizon I would bathe my theories in prayer and humility, approaching trials and testings leaning on Christ rather than my own understanding.

Forgive my lack of grace.