Thursday, April 12, 2007

new blog features

I've revamped my blog this week and thought I'd draw your attention to some of the changes.

I noticed that a number of readers were accessing my blog using Google Reader. I thought I'd look into it for myself. With Google Reader I can view all the blogs I regularly read all on one site. In addition, I can share posts with others that I think they'd find interesting. These can be viewed by using the "ckhnat's shared items" feature in the side bar.

Towards the bottom of the side bar are the labels to my posts (still being updated ... I'm up to May 2006).

Some items that are missing are a couple of links. You may notice that I removed the "Aussie" and "Ahrteest Phrehnds". You Aussies already know all of your blog addresses ... but if for some odd reason you actually ever looked at my artist friends' sites and you miss them and are about to throw a hissy fit ... here they are.

short fella

beth and jon's studio

jim is my favorite color

hinkle rides a bike

i knew dan

josef called me christina

lauren painted me

caroline lived next door


RodeoClown said...

Hey Christine... could you add one more little thing while you are in the middle of your upgrade?

Could you please (please, please) turn on full-text feeds in the blogger options? That way people who read your blog via google reader and the like, can read the full content instead of having to click through to read it.

Thanks in advance.

ckhnat said...

done ... but you have to promise not to ignore the feature that really makes the blog ... the COMMENTS!!! woo hoot!

RodeoClown said...

Hey... I commented here didn't I? ;)

RodeoClown said...

Oh, and thanks :)

Tony Kummer said...

I really like Google reader. We're using it as the main aggregate feeds at the new Said at Southern blog.

Lauren said...

Congratulations! I hope you have a perfect wedding. Wish I could be there.

Miss Halfway said...

hi! I'm sorry I took so long to reply to your comment, but I've been as busy as ever!!

as always, thanx a lot for your comment. I love the way you express yourself^^

i couldn't agree more with you when you talk about bringing giref to others and about confrontation.. i simply hate those things.

and i know that the grown up, reasonable way out would be.. well.. talking it out... but i also know that if we were to talk that out, i'd have to say a few things that, even though are true, are would hurt the other person... and i don't like that...

especially since, as you very well said, i make those same mistakes all the time. how can i scold someone for doing something i do myself?

maybe you are right, and maybe praying helps.. should give that a go^^ thanx a lot:)

that passage you gave me the link to is exactly what i mean! how can i judge others when i do that too, or even make bigger/worse mistakes without realising it?

i love my grandmother as well^^ we used to spend a lot of time together when i was a kid, but sadly she died when i was about 7, but my heart is full of lovely memories i'll cherish forever^^ and no kind of distance could ever take that away from me:))