Sunday, April 15, 2007

13 characteristics of a missional church

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"To engage today's world with the good news requires the formation of a gospel community - the church of Jesus Christ - to be a visible representation, witness and instrument of the sovereign outreaching hand of God in our culture."


Bron said...

That's a great quote :)

...I'm not sure why, but I feel vaguely uncomfortable with the theology of church as it is presented in the article. More thoughts when I've finished the essay! (finally, and essay that's relevant!)

I was curious to notice that in the '10 characteristics' and indeed the whole article, no where is prayer mentioned. (or maybe I just missed it?) I dunno, maybe i'm just being picky... but something that says that church isn't really church if it's not missional, then goes on to describe the missional church and leaves that out... well, maybe that's why I'm uncomfortable.

**** Edit: then I read the article on The Passionate Prayer of Nehemaiah and it is really good!

ckhnat said...

this one?

Bron said...