Thursday, June 02, 2005

sunsets and castles

The sun has begun its decent upon another year of my life. Here I sit, in a cafe along the river gazing out the window at the magnificent Charles Bridge and the backdrop of an ancient town crowned with a splendid castle. This is one of the few moments when I can honestly say, “I want to be here.” I’m not dreaming of another distant country or longing for unknown adventures. At this moment I just want to be ... be here.

Many of my classmates are experiencing culture shock. I’m not sure I’ve ever been harangued by such anxiety and am not exactly sure how to help my friends with their ailment. um ... lighten up?! Instead of exploring the quaint cobblestone alleys of Prague, they booze their personalities away in an attempt to escape from the reality of now. So, here we sit, Jennifer and I, the daughter of Czech parents and a girl who calls Germany her home, enjoying the reality of the sun setting behind the castle.

This is how I would have wanted to end my 24th year. Living a dream. Living in the land of my heritage. Did you know that it is this corner of the world that once my ancestors called home? Out of curiosity I looked my last name up in the Czech-English dictionary.

hnat = drive

What a wonderful meaning! Christine (believer in Christ) Hnat (drive). It’s so fitting. I am driven, motivated, by Christ. This discovery allows me to look at my life experiences in a whole new light.

Imagine how amused I was, however, when I looked at a Czech word just above “hnat.”


Do you know what hmat means? I chuckle at the irony even now. Hmat means “touch.” Those who know me well will catch the irony of it.

Well, as the sun sets, I look forward to the sunrise. June. It’s so full of wonderful unknown possibilities.

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