Monday, May 30, 2005

my children will eat frozen grapes

Is it possible that Olympia no longer has need of the sweet nectar of cranberries? Have the gods instead turned to the frozen vineyards of the Snow Queen to provide their summer refreshments? Whatever the case, I have been blessed to experience the delight of frozen grapes.

Imagine arriving after 8 hours by train in a city experiencing an abnormal heatwave, then lugging your things from the subway, to the tram, to the bus, and then up two flights of stairs ...

... And then imagine the sensation of frozen natural sweetness caressing your pallet.

Then and there I vowed that my children would one day enjoy this delicacy. And why stop there?! Why not frozen cherries, frozen plums, frozen kiwi? I do believe I’ve stumbled upon something wonderful, thanks to my roommate Anna, a Taiwanese missionary here in Prague. My decedents will call her blessed.

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Jennifer said...

I will have to agree that frozen grapes are among my favorite frozen treats. They are amazing! I signed on tonight to let you know that I went to the movies tonight by myself!!! I have to admit...I didn't like it! It was really wierd having to laugh to myself without a friend enjoying it with me. Just wanted you to know that I tried. I am glad to hear that you are having a great time!