Sunday, June 05, 2005

dodging donuts

Should I return to this fair city and bring you with me, I shall insist upon taking you to the Imperial Cafe. Imagine entering a dazzling room filled with the ghosts and memories of 1900. Your eye is drawn up the mosaic studded wall to the tile embellished 20 foot ceiling. As your eye returns to earth it falls upon the bar at the far end of the room. The countertop is filled with mounds of ... donuts. Coffee and tea drinkers are scattered here and there. Outside the wall of towering windows trams rumble passed and tourists peer inside.

Along the wall there are black and white pictures. Upon closer inspection you notice that these are not records of bygone eras ... perhaps some of these were captured only yesterday. You recognize the setting of the photographs for you are standing right there in it. But chairs and tables are pushed back along the walls. The patrons of the cafe are ducking and dodging as ... as ...

... donuts fly through the air!

Should a generous customer feel the desire to give the cafe the equivalent of one hundred dollars, that customer has the privilege of having purchased all the donuts on the counter. Not only that, but he may do whatever he likes with them ... even throw them at anyone he pleases!

What do you say, should we try it sometime?!

Having settled into our seats, I’ll order a English Ice Coffee and you’ll order a nice pot of tea and a donut. As we rest our feet from a day of my dragging you from place to place, a band begins to set up in the corner by the windows. What a treat! The Dixie Swing Band soon begins to strum out familiar tunes of yesteryear. Your hand pats your knee to the rhythm while my foot bobs in time. Perhaps ... if we’re brave enough ... we might even attempt a few moves on the open floor in front of the band.

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