Sunday, June 26, 2005

those lying Australians

My pastor says that you can only believe 25% of what an Australian says. He also says that Australia is nothing more than a pretty desert, whereas New Zealand is where people who go to heaven live. I would think that he’s biased but I met an Australian who backed up his claim.

When I got on the train in Prague to go home, I found an empty seat in a compartment occupied by an Australian family. As we shared stories of our travels, I commented on how four weeks ago I had gone back to Hannover when I realized that I didn’t have my passport with me in Berlin. I expressed how I wished that I hadn’t discovered the loss till I reached the border. What a great story that would be!

“Well, if you were Australian, you would just lie about it,” said the father.


Calvinistix said...

Fascinating. Wish I'd known this earlier ;) My blog's being stalked by Aussies. I have no idea why, but they keep coming back . . . watch out for them- they fry your brains.

CraigS said...

A pretty desert? Hmmm...