Monday, June 20, 2005

i speak Welsh

“My wife and I speak Welsh,” said the older gentlemen as he stood in the middle of the congregation at the International Baptist Church in Prague during the introduction of visitors. “My name’s Scott. I’m visiting Prague for the weekend from Scotland.” “This is Lenka. She’s Czech.” Then seven or six others introduced themselves all claiming Richmond, Virginia, as their home.

I looked down from the balcony at the church’s small (yet sincere) choir and was thrilled by the number of nationalities represented there. Wasn’t nine what the pastor said last week? Around me the balcony was filled with young people like myself, some teachers at the International Christian School, some teachers of English, and other young professionals.

Downstairs sat a family from Columbia, students from Ethiopia and Ghana, a team of American Presbyterian missionaries starting a Czech church here in Prague, and at the piano sat an excellent musician from Japan.

It all seemed to be a foreshadowing of the worshipping of nations at the throne of God in the New Jerusalem.

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