Thursday, February 15, 2007

36 hours of valentine loving

From the man who loves you like no other man.
Mike can love you as a husband,
but no man can love you like a father!
I love you!

Valentine's day began for me Tuesday afternoon as Mike called me when he woke up and I was working on his Valentine's Day gift. (My first V-day with a lover.) It was Wednesday morning for him and he was leaving in a few hours to a camp where he will be speaking over the next few days. (Alas! We will miss our regular date night.) I had already opened his gift the night before ... a handmade poster of the 2 Ways 2 Live gospel presentation.

My gift to him? No where near as thoughtful ... in fact it's just downright cheesy ... but I hope it makes him laugh. Maybe he can use it as a place mat.

I also received my annual bouquet of flowers from my fabulous father. One of my most cherished memories of my father is of me sitting on the kitchen counter as a three year old while he held out flashcards of simple three-letter words that I was learning to read.

It's difficult to be separated by vast oceans from the ones you love most. Mother and Father to the east and Michael to the west. But I am neither sad nor lonely. I am filled with love from and for them. Beautiful thoughts of Michael float through my head all day and I remember to pray for him and this amazing opportunity he has to speak the gospel to a camp of 7th-10th grade students.

This year I pulled no crazy stunts around campus. Instead I made an appointment with a doctor, mailed a package (Mike's gift and wedding invitations), and went to the bank.

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Heather said...

Aw, that note from your dad is so sweet--how nice that he sends you flowers each year! My folks do something similar; the yearly box of chocolate-covered cherries arrived this afternoon. Come over and help me eat them! :)

Your gift to Mike definitely isn't cheesy, either, and it's probably a safe bet that he'll hang it on the wall instead of using it to keep spaghetti sauce off his table...It's a lovely picture!

I'm glad you've had a good Valentine's so far, though I miss your asparagus bouquets. I may have to figure out a way to continue on in your fine tradition. Got any ideas I can use for next year?

ckhnat said...

woo hoot! mmm, i think i know what's for dessert after lunch tomorrow.

(i seriously doubt that picture will hold a prominent place on Mike's wall ... i don't think he's the type.)

i pass on the batton of V-day pranks to you, Miss Heather. I trust you to carry it proudly.

sajini said...

Hapy v day, lovely tall woman!!!!!

bethy31 said...

The note from your Dad seriously made me a bit weepy - that's the sweetest note - because he's loved you that way, you will be more prepared to receive Mike's love..praise God for loving fathers!

Nick said...

Hey Christine, thought I'd just stop by, glad you had a good valentines day! I saw Mike in town the other day sporting one of your trendy shirts. Very cool. See you when you get back to Tassie!

Nick K

Mike Jolly said...

You were looking pretty hot in that pic CK... and you didn't mention the CD... :(

Mike Jolly said...

I'll just mention it then will I... I also put enough dosh in our joint account for Christine to buy herself the CD she has been wanting for ages. Now I look slightly more romantic.

Crabby Rangoon said...

That's such a thoughtful tradition. You are a very lucky girl to have a father that sends you flowers.