Saturday, February 24, 2007

mike's paying

"So then his mother took the leash and pinched her son on the neck just like the Dog-Whisperer told her to do."

Laura and I stopped. With nachos and popcorn in hand, we stared wide-eyed at those already sitting in the theater. I abandoned the story I had been telling only to embrace suppressed gales of laughter.

Verbal communication was unnecessary ... our situation was blatant. As Laura later put it: "We were half the age of the next youngest person in the theater!"

And you know what? We were the only ones who genuinely interacted with the film gripping the arm rests in empathy with zeal of William Wilberforce and laughing with genuine appreciation for the earthy parson John Newton or the itinerant minister who's lack of hypocrisy was refreshing.

Mike had given me money for Valentine's Day for a CD that he knew I wanted and to treat myself to a "date" even though he could not be with me ... so ...

"Hey, Laura ... you have plans tonight? You want to see a movie with me and then go out for coffee? Mike's paying!"

After the movie, we ducked into a music store to purchase Evanescence's latest release. As I stood in line, I found myself glancing at the little knick-knacks meant to entice me to increase their net profits. For instance, there was the Believe in God spray.

"Hmm, I could really use this to help me in my Personal Evangelism class. Laura, do you believe in God? (squirt) Now you do!"

I considered purchasing the "Instant Irish Accent" gum ... but thought Mike might not appreciate such a frivolous expense. Why does he get to be the only one with the sexy accent?! (pout)

Then there was the book store. I am my mother's daughter. While the majority of my library is made up books of the theological sort ... I love reading a good essay on food or travel! Oh! and Newsweek's cover story this week was about men and depression ... hmm, fascinating!

"Did you eat dinner before the movie?" asked Laura.

"Um, I had a bowl of cereal at 3 o'clock."

Ramsey's said that we'd have to wait one and a half hours. Um, no. Instead, we had a lovely dinner at an Indian restaurant and enjoyed a fascinating conversation involving the musical structure of hymns vs. worship music.

Laura wasn't Mike. But when he's not around, she's an adequate substitute.

(There was no good-night kiss.)


Bron said...

Hi Christine, I am very curious - what movie did you go and see?

mark said...

Newsweek article:

Which is an interestingly accurate read, but so incredibly sad that ppl don't understand that for many it stems from good-ol' fashioned disconnect from God. Hmm.. yet again, our answer to the world is Jesus, and our brains are insufficient to come to that solution, but are more than sufficient to describe the problem.

The Borg said...

Ha ha ha, Mike has a sexy accent?

Laura said...

Apparently we're the only ones who
"get" British humor...