Sunday, February 18, 2007

30 day challenge

I have long been looking for resources which enable women to creatively encourage the men in their lives (whether it be family, husbands, or brothers-in-the-Lord). Nancy Leigh DeMoss has an excellent 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge.

(scroll down to printable downloads ... also I recommend perusing her other resources and listening to her podcasts.)

DeMoss is a faithful expositor of God's Word with the practicality that reaches the hearts, minds, and wills of women. She inspires me in my own path of ministry.

(Will you accept the 30 Day Challenge with me?)


mark said...

Gotta admit, as a guy, ya can't go wrong hearing from your wife words like these.
But I can see how hard it would be for ppl like my parents to do something like this. Over time, she could think he needs a swift kick in the pants(rebuke) more than encouragement. I'd say rebuke is for those who've willfully forgotten, and most men, I believe, have just heard other voices saying everything BUT encouragement.
So bravo Christine for starting early, and hopefully for older women, they can see through their man and through their bitterness to see his truest need.
I can easily read through her document and run a parallel on each for men.. tempting to rewrite for my gender :)

ckhnat said...

please do, mark! i think that would be a wonderful, noble way to spend your time.

Laura said...

This is great. I think lots of marriages could be totally transformed by this exercise! My only suggestion -- unmarried gals should skip over Day 13 and save it for Day 1 of their honeymoon, in the spirit of Song of Solomon 2:7!!

One Salient Oversight said...

Why am I cynical about this?