Thursday, February 01, 2007

green girl is moving Down Under

Sigh ... So much to do!!! I have so much on my mind that it has been difficult to relax and fall asleep at night. (I foolishly thought that watching a mindless/eye-rolling replay of Monday night's Miss America Pageant might somehow lull me into a deep slumber ... didn't happen.) Papers to write ... books to read ... stuff to get rid of ... things to pack ... a car to sell ... all simultaneously bouncing off the bouncy castle walls of my brain.

And then ... bing!

A light came on and all bouncing stopped for a split second of time.

What if ... what if I, instead of having a bridal shower where people bring me stuff (ergh! more stuff to pack and ship to Australia ... NO!), have a party where people TAKE stuff.


All of a sudden I went from bouncy castle status to McDonald's ball room mania.

It could be like e-Bay ... or a silent auction ... people come and make bids on the stuff and the best offer is accepted, no matter what. That way I could also raise the money I need to move to the other side of the world. There would be music, food, general laughter and fun ... hmm, I'm thinking March, that way we can get a whole bunch of green decorations cheap and I'd still have time to pack the remainder to ship overseas ... wait, I can't do this myself! I know! I'll get Cassey and Laura to help! ... what about my pile of clothes?! I don't want to be left with a bunch of leftover shirts no one wants. Ooo! I could just box them up into about 3 boxes and they could go as a sort of "grab-bag" box. And whoever bought a box could deal with whatever they didn't want...

I didn't fall asleep till 3 a.m.


ckhnat said...

i'm totally open to any other great ideas ... games? etc.

Mike Jolly said...

I have a baggies on your emac...

Catherine said...

I'm not really a bridal expert, but that sounds way more interesting than most of the showers I've tried to dodge... I mean, attended. ;)

Somewhat related - a couple of years ago, my best friend got married. At the time, she and I were living together. After the wedding, she was obviously moving into a new house with her husband and I was going to be moving to another city, so we had a lot of stuff that we didn't want to have to move. She also loved some gorgeous bridesmaid dresses that were WAAAY too expensive for college girls. So, our solution to both problems? We gathered all the girls in the bridal party (5 of us) and all of the girls' castoff clothing and furniture and books.... things that we all really needed to purge... and had a massive garage sale over two consecutive weekends. We didn't try to keep our things separate, just pooled it all and split the proceeds 5 ways. It almost completely paid for our dresses, it helped her out with wedding expenses, and we were all relieved of the burden of extra junk! Plus, it was some of the most FUN we had together throughout the whole process!

Good luck with all of the wedding/relocating details, however you choose to do it!

jamie said...

i don't know you- but i saw your blog off of my friend emily's blog. anyways. my husband and i love sending this things called Action Packs- with our old clothes, blankets or whatever.they send this packs of clothes to pakistan and iraq! pretty sweet deal to send this stuff to people who actually need it rather then giving it to americans who already have too much. (i'm talking to myself here too!) you can get them through Voice of the Martyrs.
here is the website
just an idea!

Crabby Rangoon said...

You don't know me either, but I enjoy reading your blog. --When my husband and I moved to Hong Kong last year, we threw ourselves a going-away party and made every one take a number when they first arrived. Then when they left, they got to take a gift (wrapped in leftover gift bags from our wedding that I'd sadly hung on to for three years thinking I could reuse) full of "little treasures" we couldn't take with us overseas. Extra pens and pencils, weird kitchen utensils, old socks, etc. It was a really funny way to get rid of everything.

Nikki Leigh Daniel said...

You do know me...and I want some of your artsy stuff!! The problem is that I live in GA. But I need some artsy stuff to put on my walls-so far (after a whole year of marriage) we only have a mirror on the wall. :(