Wednesday, January 31, 2007

post-feminism ethics

I agree with a recent Marie Claire (AUS) article that implied that feminism holds little relevance for women of my generation.

If that is the case, what issues in a post-feminism society might be a stumbling block for a woman in her 20s to accepting the Gospel as truth?


One Salient Oversight said...

I haven't read the article in question, but if Feminism is defined as the whole "Germaine Greer angry intellectual" form of Feminism then you're probably right.

However, there is no doubt that women's role in society has changed markedly since the 1960s. Regardless of our society's feelings towards stereotypical feminists, there has definitely been a change.

Women have better access to careers and higher pay, and laws in place are protecting women from rape and abuse more effectively than 30 years ago. Women these days are probably unaware of this change.

And there's no doubt that the 60s feminism was one of the major forces which is responsible.

ckhnat said...

Indeed. I'm glad you brought that up. Women today benefit from much good of men and women who have worked hard the past few decades to raise the respect of women in society.

My question, however, is what are the issues today, after so many strides have been taken, that still affect women? or perhaps there are new issues that have popped up.

GloryandGrace said...

I find myself somewhat out of sorts at times in my work environment. I work for a growing company dedicated to their clients, and I am one of...two(?) who don't have some type of business-related degree. Two things that come to mind (and actually are sort of one in the same at the root), in observation of the women around me:
1) Lack of trust
2) resolved to being independent as women.
I see many women on a daily basis who seem to have settled for living as though their lives are up to them. Their happiness they think is found in their success, their single and/or married status--nothing's a big deal to them anymore. There is no passion, no conviction. Sure, there are opinions about certain things, but they remain at the surface level. Women seem to stay at a certain level of comfort, not letting anyone else in (lack of trust), and just settle for independence being the norm: "I must be able to support myself, have a stable job, and if husband and family come into the picture, then so be it." They don't question or wonder about how things should be, but rather accept them as the norm...regardless of whether or not such things bring true fulfillment.

ckhnat said...

G and G - i've experienced (and still struggle with) each of the points you raised about the women you work with. living an ocean away from my family, i easily slipped into a comfortable position of independence. this will be (iis) difficult to overcome and replace with inter-dependence when I am married.

what are some of the issues today that might hinder women from being receptive to the Gospel?

byron said...

what are some of the issues today that might hinder women from being receptive to the Gospel?
What about churches where all the language in sermons and songs and readings and liturgy (formal or informal) is about 'mankind' and what God has done for 'man'? Just a thought.

GloryandGrace said...

On that note, I think we need a little more of Derek Webb's lyrics in our churches. How often are women **not just those that regularly attend and are committed to a local church body** shown the truth that they are the Bride of Christ?? Women need to be taught the satisfaction, justification, love, and trust that are in Christ alone.

(Am I still being too vague or did that answer your question somewhat?)

GloryandGrace said...

And as a sidenote, when I mention Derek Webb lyrics, there are plenty to choose from :)