Saturday, August 11, 2007

married for one month, part 14

Kelli B asked:
  1. what's been the hardest thing to adjust to - going from single to married?
  2. what's your favorite way to serve Mike/Christine?
  3. what are you so excited to share with others about married life? to motivate and inspire them?

Christine responds:
  1. Answered in posts below.
  2. The other day I found myself determined to make certain sacrifices so that I do not contribute more damage to our already strained finances. I told Mike that I would buy juice from the shop. Now Mike knows that I'm fond of visiting a juice bar once or twice a week to enjoy a freshly squeezed glass of juice. But at $5 per large serving, I was better off financially just buying a $3 large bottle of juice for the whole week. But wonderful Mike was determined to bless me with, "I want you to not feel guilty and enjoy the fresh squeezed juice." Mike appears to be quite pleased that I cook for him.
  3. I love working as a team with my husband ... whether it's holding the light for him as he drills a whole in the back of his desk or listening as he practices sermons and giving him suggestions. There is no place in marriage for selfishness.

Mike's 5 cents:
  1. Hardest thing has been not working myself into the ground. When I work too hard 2 people suffer not just one.
  2. Christine is a good listener and she works hard to keep the bathroom clean. I also do most of the cleaning and cook breakfast sometimes. I'm also patient with Christine's "creative distractedness".
  3. See my answer here

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