Saturday, December 16, 2006

mikstine spotting 4

The last half of this week has been a flood of media coverage for the couple Mikstine.

Thursday night, Felicity of ABC, who was recently seen covering the bushfires along the east coast of Tasmania, invited the couple over for an exclusive dinner party.

The following day as the couple was seen Christmas shopping, they ran into ABC jounralist George R. (a casual reader of both of their blogs) on the street.

Later Friday evening, guests all over the world arrived for the engagement barbeque thrown by Mikstine. Somehow a camera crew got past the bouncers and jounalist Angus and his cameraman Swill got the scoop on the couple and a host of their blogger and non-blogger friends.

In an official statement, Mikstine said "We would like to tell everyone that came to the barbeque that we were so thrilled to have been able to celebrate with everyone." -Stine, a bit overwhelmed with all the new faces but many familiar names, still felt very much at home among her new friends and family.

"Thank you for accepting me as one of your own and no, I never get tired of telling the beautiful story God has given us to tell."


Anonymous said...

So was your Target experience still your biggest culture shock? We are eager to hear how you are really finding Hobart. Bear in mind you are lucky to be living in one of the best parts.

ckhnat said...

Hmm ... another interesting observation is that i appreciate that Hobart isn't wrapped up like a Christmas present during the holiday season with decorations and lights and all sorts of Santa Clause clutter up to your ears.

The Borg said...

Not to be an ass, but when do we get to see the video?