Friday, December 01, 2006

wedding invitation and website

Click here to view our online wedding invitation and website.

Be sure to save the date and start early in booking your flights. We look forward to celebrating with you. Please RSVP in the site's guest book by leaving your email address and home mailing address.


Kelli B said...

Thanks for the invite on my blog, Christine! i wish i could come. today i asked my husband if we could think about it - he was like GERMANY??? so maybe it will take a little more coaxing...i will try and get him to read you're blog and get to know you guys...maybe then he'll wanna come :)

in the meantime, thanks! And know that i support you guys and are encouraged by your story. i get so excited over the two of you!

blessings -

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you guys! It has been fun reading about your life! It blesses many people! I know that your marriage will also encourage and bless many.
Wish I could come!!!! You guys are great!