Wednesday, December 27, 2006

mikstine engagement bbq video


fional said...

Now I feel bad about my 'ringing endorsement'. What I meant was "It seems to be Good". And what I stupidly got too scared to say was that God really does seem to have had a hand over it all :-)Fiona

Angus said...

Hey don't feel bad about it! I was trying to make things seem funny! I think everyone knows that we all support Mike and Christine and think it's awesome!

bethy31 said...

Thanks for shooting that's great to see them together! Granted, you realize you sealed your fate by saying you wouldn't go for an out Nineveh - here Angus comes...

GloryandGrace said...

So have you ever been to Singapore, or will this be a first for you?

In what ways is your ceremony going to be non-traditional? Just curious :)

Loving "Emily" by the way :)

Angus said...

Heh heh heh, yes, I have to admit I was kidding about the "no American ladies" bit! A rash comment and one I hope does not come back to bite me later!

Swil said...

...You were kidding? Oh.

Autumn Reeser called for you last week. She has been, er, misinformed. Sorry.

bethy31 said...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Angus. You're protected by the cuteness factor . . . you can say anything you want if you say it with that hot accent. *rolleyes*

Angus said...

LOL! I'm not sure, but I think I detect an element of sarcasm in that comment! ;)

bronwyn said...

Hi Christine, sorry we didn't get the chance to say goodbye! I just wanted to say thanks for staying with us - it was so lovely to meet you, and we will look forward to seeing you again in the future. We hope Sydney and the mission stuff goes well.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm not sure, but I think I detect an element of sarcasm in that comment! ;)

Hmm, cutely-accented and smart . . .:P

Actually, there's some truth to that sarcasm in some cases.

But where are my American manners?

"Aww, look at the cute wittle Os-sie[sic] with his cute, cute wittle Os-sie[sic] accent! I want one!"

Angus said...

Haha! Well, Anonymous, I think the best way to bag a "cute wittle Ossie" is to follow Christine's example and start a blog! It will mean giving up your anonymity, but I'm sure if you ask Christine she'll tell you it's worth it. ;)

Jonny said...

Anonymous blogs are the equivalent to going to church with a bag over your head, yet still trying to voice your opinion over coffee later (still with the bag in place, with a little hole for your mouth).

Swil said...

I hate that guy. He eats all the good biscuits.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Well, Anonymous, I think the best way to bag a "cute wittle Ossie"

Been there, done that. He got away. Christine is a very lucky girl. :)

The Borg said...

LOL Jonny, that's a hilarious comparison.

Angus said...

Wait, wait, wait... was there some competition for M-to-tha-Jolly? Did Christine win the All-American Title Fight for Mike's affection???

Or am I totally misreading it? Did some other Aussie guy "get away"?

I'm intrigued! ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't be so dramatic. It wasn't Mike.

Lorie said...

Very surreal to see some of you bloglanders "for real"! It happens around here sometimes too, when I see people at coffeeshops or elsewhere, suspect that I "know" them from somewhere, and then realize I've been reading their blog! What's the world coming too?

And can I just say, it strikes me as totally funny that repeated comments were made about not wanting to come to America, because MOST American guys (in my experience), when asked, say that Australia is where they'd go if they could travel to anywhere in the world. Not necessarily on a wife-hunt, mind you, but still...

Oh, and I LOVED the "hit or miss" comments about Americans. :)

Bobby said...


Nikki Leigh Daniel said...

Ohmygoodness! This is SO FUN! I'm at work right now with a huge grin on my face! I love Blog-started relationships...especially when they end in marriage. Christine-remember after we met for the first time in class and I asked you to meet me and Laura at Java? It was that night that we discovered that we both had blogs. Soon after...we met the men God had for us. This is all much fun! I love it!

Angus said...

Glad you liked it Lorie!

I will just say that in my case I'd love to go back to America! I went once when I was 12 and it was tops. But not necessarily on a wife hunt, mind you... ;)

Kyle Foley said...

it is with deep joy, christine,
that i learn of your engagement.
i had often checked into your blog,
knowing that you love’s thrill-shine wanted,
and amour’s comet-flash desired.
i knew that you were pious,
always before God genuflecting,
always light-prays uttering.
i knew that you were patient, humble
and resolute in your quest.
i knew that goodness effused
from your soul in rainboweskan blithe,
and irradiated a dazzlo-precious beam.
i knew that ros├Ęskan honesty,
and diamondesque chastity
were strong pillars supporting your temple.
i knew that loneliness’ swords
often pierced and wounded you,
that you hungered for love’s sun-glow,
and longed for its astromazement of mind.
i knew that your struggle had been a long one,
that often turbulo-wind your mind harassed,
and the incessant shout tumulted your ears.

it was no surprise then when i learned
that at last love coated you in hyacinth,
and its bloom-flow finally abounded in your garden.
i have read your beloved’s blog,
i have studied him, analyzed him,
and have concluded that he
is disciplined, standard, strong,
stuffed with the stuff that is clean,
and stuffed with the stuff that is fervant,
a moon-dweller as soon as a helios-dweller,
a lover of God as soon as a vibrant deacon unshakeable,
firm in his love for the Celesto-king,
wholesome in his worship and song,
a flourish of symphony resounding from his mind.
he too adheres to the rigor and the law,
he too prospers amid God’s bounty,
he too witnesses the sacred,
and overflows in sparkle for virtue.

i have no doubt that you two
will flourish amid love’s elixir,
that you two will eventually witness
the embodiment of felicia’s mind-gold,
and the manifestation of extradifferent soul-bliss
that you two will bask amid God’s
dulcet embrace shangrilahan,
and receive his boon and balm.

in all things let the Lord’s will be done,
let Him guide you through the thistle-swamp,
let Him suffice to sustain and uplift you,
let Him be your north-star and sexton,
let Him call you to the altar of truth,
and remove you from the fen of fallacy.
let Him propel you into the shimmerado of compassion,
and block you from the hate-snares of envy.

i pray that you will continue
in your resilient cultivation of God-truth,
that you will continue to allow love
to nile-flow in your soul’s river-basins,
and niagra-cascade in resonant concerto,
that you will continue in your immersion
in the Lord’s fountainous discipline,
that church’s glow will persist,
and the hymn’s comet will fly.

Jonny said...

I was going to say the same thing, only I couldn't find the right words.

Nikki Leigh Daniel said...

Christine-I need something new! I love watching these videos. I love the accents-this is great!

Anonymous said...

Jonny: When you can't find the right words, you can always make them up like Kyle does.

ckhnat said...

just back from mission. i've encouraged dave, mike's brother, to write up a guest blog post about out time working with the aboriginal children.

Jonny said...

Mike's brother will never write a blog, because it will never be perfect. (This also applies to asking girls out).

sparkyisastar said...

"Mike's brother will never write a blog, because it will never be perfect. (This also applies to asking girls out)."