Thursday, December 14, 2006

mikstine spotting 3

Today, blog readers Dave and Joel spotted -Stine strolling down the road eating something. possibly Mykonos? Rumor has it she was headed to the bottle shop.

However, that rumor has been squelched by both Benny of Fullers and photographer extrodinare Sarah when they spotted -Stine in the vacinity of Hobart's shopping district.

After an afternoon of exploring Hobart's bookshops, -Stine had finally settled in one and determined that it was to be her favorite. At that moment, Benny, also of Crossroads fame, walked up to her to pronounce her welcomed in his store.

On her way to meet her fiance, -Stine had the opportunity to accompany Sarah, photographer and fiance of Tim, on her walk home. In a private interview, -Stine confided in Sarah that she had experienced her first moment of culture shock. To her dismay, Hobart's Target did not quite match the trendy standards to be found in Target stores in the United States. Perhaps this revelation will shake -Stine of her obsessive purchasing of inexpensive, yet trendy, clothing ... or clothing altogether ... which could serve Mik- well in spending the excess money on Apple merchandise.

Sarah, however, proved to be a source of good news. It appears that Melbourne is the location of very reasonably priced fashion.


Chris said...

I dunno, stuff seems generally more expensive here. Like, more than the exchange rate would be. But it's a really great place to visit, and has endless variety.

Anonymous said...

Jonny, working as a freelance mechanic, was driving a yellow Volvo 445GL through SandyBay when he spotted -Stine as expected. Miandering along by herself, not far from home, but with little direction.

Having just had a healthy lunch at home, she would have walked past Mykonos in disgust, but also made a mental note that it is also a general store and open till very late.

Mike really hasn't done a very good job getting you some friends has he. Someone will show you around the place if you want.

I get all my cloths at Target, but you have to pick and choose.

sparkyisastar said...

-Stine was indeed on Liverpool Street today ...

My name is Erica and I have been reading your blog for a while. Haven't commented up to now, but after spotting you in Hobart today (v.freaky that you were in the 'real' world!), I had to say congrats for you and mike and thanks for your great blog :)

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

When people here talked about buying clothes at Target I was suprised. And pleasantly suprised by the US Target, although the clothing is a bit conservative for my tastes.

Stine, try Enigma, Sportsgirl (just near Xroads temporary meeting place) and Portmans (Cat and Fiddle Arcade). I like Supre (just nearby) but you might find it too ghetto and trashy, I dunno. Unfortunatly there's nothing like H&M in Hobart. There's Valleygirl in Melbourne and Sydney, which is similar - cheap Bohemian-Valley.


Donners said...

Hmm, slo, sportsgirl isn't that cheap, however the clothes are nicely cut and I really like them. Dotti is a "newish" place ( well for hobart) in upper level cat and fiddle, little bit small sizes but kinda cute. Portmans is nice but not soo cheap.

Melbourne really is much better for clothes Stine, you can go to a factory outlet and get really nice clothes for about 1/2 to 2/3 of the price they normally are.

ATM, my favourite is Jay Jay's, just off the mall near Rockmans. Good tops, jeans and shorts, nto so much dresses tho.

Sarah is a darling girl and thankfully a regular visitor of melbourne, as Charlotte Lucas-Collins said to Lizzie Bennet "I shall depend upon hearing from her very often".

see you at our going away party, we were too exhausted to go to your thing, sorry. Cleaning houses, job applications, moving stuff etc...!!

Donners said...

Hee hee, isn't enigma the place where you said one needs the curse of the black pearl to be able to fit in their clothes slo??? (made for tiny asian people)

Or am I getting it mixed up???

Emi said...

I fit into the stuff at Enigma, so you must be thinking of somewhere else...

Also Shy, Valleygirl is in Hobart now! Just Jeans and Jeans West are also pretty cheap. And Myer isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!

ckhnat said...

in a search for a new pair of flipflops/thongs (I'd broken one on our way into town), Mike and I walked by each of the stores you mentioned. hmm ... I enjoyed Portmans ... and where is this ValleyGirl in Hobart ... Emi?

lol ... coming to visit you in Melbourne, Amy!!!

Emi said...

Portmans is my favourite too. Valleygirl is kind of like Dotti and Supre. You can find it if you walk from the mall into cat and fiddle arcade (Mike can show you where) :)

Salamanca market is also fantastic for good cheap clothes, only problem is you can't try them on.

Bron said...

Also, I've found some pretty good ordinary thongs at both the supermarket and Big W for a couple of dollars.

yeah - shiloh I thoguht of you when I saw valleygirl!