Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Singles' Awareness Day Event

"Babble of the Sexes- a public rant about desperate dating habits and the opposite sex"

Hosted by the witty (and bordering on irreverent) Hayley and Michael DiMarco, best-selling authors of the book "Marriable- Taking the Desperate Out of Dating"

Topics include-

-Shut Up and Be Mysterious
-Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last
-Desperate Lies Women Tell Themselves
-How Being 'Just Friends' Is a Waste of Time
-a lively (and anonymous) Q & A time

Share February 14th with your closest single friends and let Hayley and Michael put you in a festive mood on Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.)

Sponsored by Baker Publishing Group, XYZ Church, and Hungry Planet

Cost: Free
Location: To Be Announced, Louisville, Kentucky


ckhnat said...

It's purely amazing the events that have transpired since midnight last night. It hasn't even been 24 hrs. since I published my last post and now an entire Christian Singles event has come of it!

S.A.D is only a month and a few days away. Event coordinators need to know how many are interested in this venue.

How many are interested?

José said...

Just out of curiosity:
You blog quite extensively on the topic or dating and relationships. Do you feel somewhat jaded by the fact that you are single?

ckhnat said...

ha ha ... actually, no. just a bit annoyed at conversations which involve people who don't want to be single. i figure if i get them all married off ... i'll have some peace.

T.P. Bosson said...


You have gone to seminary, sorrounded yourself with single, often desperate men and have become quite the dating expert...I wonder if there is a connection... Since I am one of the guys that seem to frustrate girls (by never asking any out), I'm qualified as an expert, and I would like to give a contrarian view.

My problem/fear is not liking a girl and being too chicken to ask her out. No, I'm more afraid I'll ask a girl out I'm not sure I like, and then she'll think I'm pursuing her. Then, when I don't ask her out again, I've become the jerk. This might not seem like a big deal, but I know from experience its not worth the drama.

This, among many other reasons, is why I'm a firm believer in "group dates." In groups you can see the person for who they really are (ie- not as much pressure to impress), and you can make decisions about girls without ruining their lives.

Proceeding in this manner, doesn't make me a stud. I mean, I don't get to plan great romantic events, or compliment girls on how great they are. But I also don't throw "emotional hooks" and risk leading girls on that once I get to know I quickly realize we had no future anyway. My two cents, good luck with S.A.D (though I think most of us are already well aware that we are single),


ckhnat said...


i'm impressed.

But it seems like you're stuck in between two hard places ... you're a "jerk" (as you said) if you don't ask her out ... and you're a "jerk" if you do. i totally get where you're coming from with the observing her in group settings. Do that! But don't just observe until you're ready to get on one knee and tell her that she's past the test and you've found her worthy to spend the rest of her life with you. At some point she needs to know that you're interested, so that she can assess her own feelings for you. Give her some credit.

being clear and honest on how you see your relationship with her, will be greatly appreciated ... if she's a decent, understanding girl. keep her posted as the relationship progresses ... don't shock her when all of a sudden the relationship comes to an end.

when i mean honest, i naturally mean "tactful" as well, tim.

G. F. McDowell said...

I don't know Tim, but it sounds like he could be afraid to commit. Always wants an easy out. What about being a risk-taker? Doesn't he realize that we are all sinners, and that every woman out there will eventually disappoint him in some way?

ckhnat said...

it'a partially his dad's fault. i haven't seen it myself, but i've heard that his dad has this "list." From what i hear, it's brutal.

; )

Some Author said...

Unedited excerpt from the upcoming book, "The Art of Rejection"~

The fear of rejecting can be just as paralyzing as the fear of being rejected, but the one who fears rejecting gets to operate under the impression that they are being noble in some way. "I'm saving their feelings." "Women just fall too hard for me." "I don't want to be called a jerk when I don't like her like that."

With 'nice guys', sometimes this fear of rejecting is the real problem, but other times it's just an excuse masking a fear of rejection.

Rejection is a fact of life. In fact, a healthy outlook on life means embracing rejection. No human always gets the job, gets the girl, or gets a refund without a receipt. An older Garth Brooks song thanks God "for unanswered prayers." The lesson- rejection brings better.

Speaking of the job interview analogy, if a guy ever wants to hire instead of just being hired (i.e.- be the boss, be a leader) he's going to have to say "you're just not right for the job" to all the applicants who didn't get it. If a guy is afraid of rejecting people and can't handle people's various reactions, he's probably not leadership material. And least until he understands the Art of Rejection.

Food for thought for all those future church bosses enrolled in seminary or with future plans of business leadership.

Looking forward to meeting you in a month or so!


A Southern Sem Female said...

Not trying to step too harshly here but....
if one is sick of the topic of conversation always getting back to men and dating, they why blog about it so often??
And I don't know that I would agree with all of the points in your previous two posts. While these things may be true for a number of single females at Southern, it is quite a generalization to say, "this is what women want."

ckhnat said...

Yeah, kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it? Seems sort of hypocritical.

i've begun to question my sanity, myself.

i'm curious, however ... since you are posting anonymously (which is fine by me) there's no danger it elaborating on your thoughts. what are some things that you disagreed with, Sem Female? What would you personally add or take away from the generalization?

Lorie said...

I'd like to hear the authors of the book elaborate on their perspectives and take questions. Are you looking for a venue, or what? I may be able to help think of some ideas. You can email me through my blog.

Lorie said...

Also, I posted a comment on your previous post.

Let's talk about this upcoming event. I think it would be a great opportunity for a singles' mixer. (Two birds with one stone?)

annoyed sem girl said...

Timothy, I noticed you didn't put a picture on your blog? Are you attractive? Funny? Cool? Then why do you even think girls WANT you to ask them out? Maybe we're all set the way we are...gosh...

ckhnat said...

dear annoyed,

in timothy's defense, i do know him. i have been present when frustrated girls have urged him to ask girls out (perhaps some hoping to be the recipient of the request). he's fun, intelligent, and has an "amazing" jaw line.

don't knock my friends.

T.P. Bosson said...

Thank you Christine for coming to my defense--I think :). For my own defense, I just want to say though I am stud, I am horrible with technology. That and the fact I don't blog but 3 times a year should explain the lack of a picture. And, annoyed sem girl if you met me, you too would quickly realize that God had created you incomplete (ie- you're not "set").

asg said...

that makes me laugh

mike said...

ouch that was a good laugh... dating topics always get people annoyed... but I love you lots