Friday, January 27, 2006

Dear Rabby ...

Before I could recommend him to my readers I decided to give his advice column a shot. Having heard that he has a peculiar stance when it comes to men and women being "just friends" ... I thought I'd stick it to the Honorable Earl. P. Rabbit (affectionately known as Rabby).

I posed as a woman with a common problem ... attraction to a guy who is "just a friend". I was satisfied with his candid response and feel obliged to refer all my readers to address their concerns to Rabby.

His manner of speech and writing may seem "unrefined" ... but he has a heart of gold and will tell you up front from his 33 years of life experience what he has learned when it comes to matters of the heart.

Here is a segment from his reply:

So yer sayin' you like bein' a pair of oranges with this boy but sometimes you'd ruther be a pair of bananas? An this boy likes bein' oranges but not bananas? If'n that's the case you need to make a decis, deci, dec -- you need to say "What will hurt me more, if'n we stay oranges an then he finds himself someone else to be a banana with, or if'n I say 'I don't want to be oranges with you no more becuz it hurts too much that I want to be a banana with you but you don't.' "

Please address your queries to Dear Rabby ...

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Rabby said...

I'm humbled by yer vote a confi, confi, conf -- by yer belief in me, Sister Hnat.