Sunday, May 13, 2007

going away party/wedding shower

Someone asked me today if I was also going to have a blogger going away party/wedding shower.

What do you mean?!! I'll still be in the blogosphere!

But I got to thinking about what a blogger going away party would be like.

Here's a game I devised ... play along if you like:

If Today Tonight/Current Affair (for the Aussies) or 60 Minutes (for the Americans) were to do a segment about Mike and Christine, what sort of scenes would they have (example: Mike walking along the beach looking woefully out across the ocean obviously distressed that his love is not by his side).

If they interviewed you/someone else, what would you/they say?

How do you know Mike and Christine?

What would you say about Mike or Christine before they "met"?

What would you say about Mike or Christine after they "met"?

Have you personally met either Mike or Christine?


Laura said...

They'd show Mike sitting at the kitchen table alone, eating, looking forlornly out the window. Although the beach idea's pretty good.

If interviewed, I would say, "No comment." Or possibly, "I plead the fifth."

Bron said...

... eating tim tams for dinner ;)

Heather said...

I think whichever one of you they profiled first would have to be standing on one side of a chain link fence, with the camera taking a shot of your contemplative face (from the other side) as you looked past the film crew through the fence at a sunset (which would obviously be reflected in your eyes).

The other person would, of course, have to be filmed skipping stones into some local body of water on an overcast day, with thunder audible in the background.

If interviewed, I would have to be totally honest in saying that, though I have never met Mike in person, I've known Christine since our days with Barnum & Bailey, in which she performed on the trapeze and I was an elephant rider.

As to how they've changed since becoming "an item," before they met, they were single. And now they're not.

A-Hawk said...

Um… yeah, I think they would film Christine with a camera lens that adds a green hue to the shot. They would show her wearing a beautiful, flowing green dress, while walking a long the beach at sunrise (of course passing by her green car:), thinking and meditating upon the problems of the world.

The camera would switch to Mike on his mac in a coffee shop somewhere (in Tanzania :p), running across an intriguing green blog and being taken by the writings of some mysterious person of unknown origin.

Then they would go to a split screen, showing each reading and typing, talking and praying, laughing and crying (yes folks, he went for the cliché). Just then the announcer would interrupt, give some foreboding speech about how different they are and how impossible it is for such a long-distance relationship to work. The announcer would make various and sundry remarks at the expense of the young couple. How could they survive? How could they possibly know anything about each other? What was wrong with them for doing something so foolish? And then, before the teleprompter cleared this last line, a mysterious ninja would appear, only for a second, there would be a flash of smoke and light, and then in an instant, the camera would pan up to the rafters to find the announcer hanging by his ankles, gagged and bound with duck tape. The studio would go silent, and then the producer would notice a note pinned to the announcers coat, which would read “I’m a stupid piñata, hit me.” Then the studio would realize how foolish it had been and would place another announcer in the old one’s place, who would tell the story right!

Hmmm… ok, now that that odd story is finished… were I to be interviewed, I would say that I don’t know Mike well, but liked him when I met him and hope / know he knows he’s getting a gem of a woman. I know Christine through friends, who are going to miss her, and I know Mike through Christine.

Before they met, I guess I would say that they are both great people (though I speak mostly of Christine here – see above if you are confused on this point). After they met… blessed!

And yes, as I’ve already said, I was fortunate to know Christine personally and to meet Mike.

May God richly bless you both and keep you in and through His Spirit!

A-Hawk said...

arrr.. I hate grammatical mistakes… I guess I need to go back to grammar school and learn how to “spaail” “along” (and possessives) ;)

A-Hawk said...
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lifeguard said...

Well I would have to tell about the "predictions" (that all came true by the way)

But I would think I would have to start by tellin them what I was PRAYING for you for the summer. Then about the whole shoes thing. And this I think I would tell them about your first signs of jealousy. I have a lot that I could mention, but I think those are the highlights