Monday, September 11, 2006

you should blog about that

As I jabber on about who knows what kind of topics in "real life" I often get the comment ... "You should blog about that!"

I got a couple of those moments today.

1. Mike and I this morning:

I was going on and on about how one should counsel people in a godly, Bible-based manner ... you know ... Tripp's method of Love, Know, Speak, Do ...

"You should blog about that!"

2. Hangin' with the guys at Cassey and Jiri's (minus the Cassey):

Adam looking closely at my head.

"It's a leaf, Adam."

"Did you mean to put it there?"

"Nah, I was just being goofy."

"But I like it ... doesn't she look like an elf?" At which point all the other Settlers of Catan and DandD nerdos (I mean that in an affectionate way) turned and affirmed that I was indeed quite elvish looking. "Can't you see her with a bow and arrow ... or pulling out a couple of swords!"

(I miss you, Cassey! come back!)

Later, Jiri brought up Mike's post about men leading. And suggested that (from a married bloke's point of view), leading one's wife is more sacrificial than *pound fist on table* "This is how we will do things!" ...

which led to one of the guys bringing up feminism and another guy responding ... "Well if guys would just do ..."

I squirmed.

Jiri: "Christine, what are your thoughts?"

"I think one could go round and round in circles pointing fingers. Men, ought to do what they ought to do. And women ought to do what they ought. Read your own mail. If my husband doesn't show me that he loves me, does that mean I don't have to respect him. If I don't respect him, does that mean that he doesn't have to love me. Peter writes that a woman ought to obey even if her husband does not, with the hope that her obedience with lead the husband to repentance and faith."

to myself: (hmm ... I should blog about that)

3. Late night conversation with Nixter:

Me: And then I pull out a house plant from my bag as I dig around for my mobile (which sounds like an old fashioned telephone ... Brrrrrrrringggg!)

Nixter: Oh, pardon my coat stand ... I love Mary Poppins.

Me: I hate Mary Poppins.

Nixter: Why?

Me: I watched it everyday when I was three years old. Then ten years went by ... I watched it again and was struck by Mary Poppin's arrogance and conceit (Practically Perfect in Every Way ... give me a break!) and THEN ... OH, THEN!!! ... the deceit and lies and mind games that she played on the children! What a happy, joyous time they had together at the park ... and at the end of the day they jumped up and down on the beds in excitement and Mary says ... "It never happened!" Wicked woman! When I was studying art in college, I chose to draw a woman feeding birds as one of my projects. While working on it, people would walk behind me, take a peak, and start singing ... "Feed the birds ... tuppins a bag ... tuppins, tuppins, tuppins a bag" ... CRINGE!!!

Nixter: You should blog about that.


Lara said...

Hey Christine, I LOVE your take on Mary Poppins! Classic! It's interesting how we view these things so differently when we're older! I used to watch it almost every day as a kid too. My brother still reminds me of a time I was home sick and watched it at least four times in three days. He bought it for me on DVD a couple of years ago, but I still haven't watched it. I wonder what I'd think of it now?

It might be heresy to say this, but is Westley from the Princess Bride perhaps just a teensy bit arrogant too? And rather rude to Buttercup, especially in the book?

Nixter said...

well maybe when I watch Mary Poppins now I will HATE it and CRINGE - all my lovely memories of Mary fly straight out of the window with her flying umbrella. sigh

Maybe I should blog about that???

ckhnat said...

Ah Westley from the BOOK! well ... Buttercup WAS a bit perplexing ... her only redeeming feature seemed to be that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Other than that she seems to have checked her brains in at the door.

Lara said...

I don't know... I think I liked Buttercup better when she only had the potential to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Horse loves me, and that's enough."

Ruth said...

ROFL Christine!!!

I am trying to break out of the 'I could blog about this' mindset!!

And I still love Mary Poppins - even though she claims to be practically perfect in every way - but I like it because of Bert - that man can do anything!!!

ckhnat said...

HOW funny was Buttercup when she realized she loved Westley?!!! ROFL!!!

And yes ... who wouldn't love Bert! Sigh ... I like to think Mike is rather like him ... tall, lanky, and fun.

Priscilla said...

My children would "play" Westley and Buttercup over and over again a few years back. He was about 9 and she was 7. They would be at the top of a hill and my daughter would "push" my son down the hill while hissing that he could "die!" and he would yell out, "Aaaasssss yooooouuuuu wiiiiiiiishhhh!" And then my daughter would say quite dramatically, "Oh! What have I done? My darling Westley!" And she would tumble down the hill after him grunting and groaning the whole way down.

I wish you could have seen this theatrical play! You would have loved it!

Maybe I'll blog about that!

Lara said...

I love the part where Buttercup declares her love to Westley and he closes the door in her face.

And then the part where he's saying how she should have realised that he loves her - "You want me to spell it out? I L-O-V-E Y-O-U. Want it backwards? You love I."

Ah, that part is so much better in the book than in the movie!

ckhnat said...

No joke! How many times did I laugh out loud ... OUT LOUD ... as I read "Morgenstern's" story!

If you haven't read The Princess Bride ... well ... read it. You'll understand.

mike said...

I thought buttercup was hot... ;)

Lara said...

Well, she is THE most beautiful woman in the world! I wonder what criteria that's measured by??

William Goldman just has a classic sense of humour. No wonder I loved Maverick too.

Laura said...

Back me up, Nixter, isn't it "tuppence"?

Nixter said...

After some extensive research I can confirm that it is infact. 'Tuppence'... :)

ckhnat said...

Nix had to look it up, Laura! But if we want to be TOTALLY technical ... maybe we should just go with "two pence" ... lol! this reminds me of all those songs when you're a kid that you think the words are something totally different than what they are.

Chris said...

I always wondered what a "tuppinz" was ... then I got older and somebody started talking about British currency (sp?) and I had one of those crazy flash-back moments and suddenly it all made sense ... and then it went away and I moved on ...