Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wonder Woman takes a break

I will not be officially posting anything new until April 16th.

Feel free to roam the archives. They're full of fascinating stories of donut fights in the Imperial Cafe in Prague, controversial articles about relationships between genders (a favorite with commentors), funny videos, etc. Normally the comments are the best part, so don't neglect those.

the drama of why i stopped wearing glasses

black dress, white socks, and Purim

in the dark with a guy

pulling a Ruth

dodging donuts in a German accent

my home

beware of hairy eyeballs

the controversies begin

crashing duck

mystery tea cup

dumb jewelry commercials

the beginning of the babble

spargel appreciation day and what she is not

Feel free to meander through my pictures or my videos.

And for all you lurkers out there who frequently visit the site, take this opportunity to post a comment. Ask a question. Start your own controversy. Heck. Have fun. I'll be by to respond to comments every so often.


-mike- said...

Why are you taking a break? I might die if one more blogger takes a break!!!

Anonymous said...

its about time. i was tired of reading all you extensive drivel anyway.

Anonymous said...

and how dare your compare yourself to Wonder woman?

Anonymous said...

Hey christine!,

enjoy your time off.... It seems like a little spring has sprung outside, get out there and revel in it.

I glanced at your post re: travel to DC, and the goffup of missing your friend... I've done that too.

If you are in the same situation again, I have three recommendations: 1-the new american indian museum on the corner of the mall--cool building, cool collection. 2-The holocaust museum--all the germans I know who have been there said it was one of the most powerful experiences ever. 3-The supreme court(my fave)--you can go in and hear arguments by lawyers in front of the justices. Very cool civics lesson-plus the building is very impressive: looking up inside the courtroom and you see muhammed, moses, hammurabi, jesus, and the 10 commandments. Check the website for the court's schedule.

Re: the above comments by anonymous--sounds like a sourpuss to me!

Anonymous said...

oops! gofup=goofup....i need an editor!


ckhnat said...

I love how Dr. Plummer is so in love with his little girl.

Kyle Foley said...

dear christina, i understand you have not reciprocated my comments, nevertheless i will be moving in april and will be passing through kentucky - i was wondering if i could meet you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OK, dude, first of all, her name is Christine. Not ChristinA. Second, she doesn't know you, and random comments on a blog do not a solid friendship make. Third, it's totally fine to let a girl know that you are interested in getting to know her, but you'll be PASSING THROUGH? Listen, don't get me wrong. I understand that it takes a lot of courage for guys to get up the nerve to talk to a girl, but make your intentions known. Don't just make comments on someone's blog and then enigmatically ask if you can meet her. Especially if you've noticed that she hasn't exactly been enthusiastic about replying to your comments. Most people would call that a hint.


ckhnat said...

Hoops and Yoyo

Guess what color I'm NOT wearing tomarrow (that sp. was for you c.g.)?

ckhnat said...

you should go to this.

Donna said...

Saw you at a distance reading on the Joel Bowl lawn yesterday and thought I would blog you a hello. Lisa said that you passed along a hello for me as well... hope that you can join us at the apt. sometime. We are going to try to have a little tea time there every other Wed. with some ladies (and girls) from our home church. Let me know if you want to join - we're getting together this Wed.

have a great weekend!

ckhnat said...

This is why Brian Regan tapes fishing.

ckhnat said...

Two books I need to add to my collection:

The Church Impotent: the Feminization of Christianity

Why Men Hate Going to Church

ckhnat said...

So I've been collecting advice recently on how a girl should go about meeting a guy she has noticed:

4. Don't ask mother's for advice on this. Well, my mother anyway. Her suggestion was soooo far out there it was ridiculous. I don't even know why i'm including this in the list. It's so radical. Who comes up with ideas like this?!! Anyway ... My mother thinks that the girl should go up to the guy and say, "Hi, my name's Theresa. What's yours?" I know! Crazy, right?!

3. The advice of a Czech man I know was just as absurd ... and entirely impossible to implement. But since he's from Prague, I'll include his advice, too. He's convinced that all it takes is eye contact. If the guy's interested, he'll come over eventually and introduce himself. (If it were only that simple.) What "Czech Man" doesn't understand is that eye contact is entirely out of the question. Doesn't he realize how vulnerable that makes a woman feel?!! I know that I personally avoid eye contact with the opposite sex at all costs.

2. This one comes from a married man. ("Czech Man" is married, too, but ... he's European.) After church tonight, I tried to pick his brain, knowing that of all people, he could give me a straight answer. His tip was the "Subtle Drop" method. Walk past the guy, "accidently" drop the keys near him. If he's a gentleman, he'll pick them up. And Cupid's work is done. But let's say he's a bit further away. In that case the "Wind and Toss" method might be called for. In such a situation you may have to bowl you keys in his direction. I found the ideas intriguing and when his wife affirmed that each of those methods had gained the couple much success in the past with gaining the attention of people they wanted to meet, I was determined to experiment. I walked past the husband, attempting the "Subtle Drop." Like this? At that moment, a friend walked by. "Christine, what are you doing? Trying to pick up guys?" "You know about the 'Subtle Drop'?" "It's only a modern version of the 'Hanky Drop'." Hmm, not so "subtle" afterall. What about the "Wind and Toss"? The husband pointed out a guy across the room. "Try it on him." He was a bit of a distance away ... but there was a clear path. Should I? How should I wind-up? Should it be a softball pitch wind-up or a bowling ball wind-up? Definitely Bowling Ball ... otherwise I could nail him in the head. But what would happen when the keys landed near him? He'd pick them up. Look around. "Who's are these?" "Um [tuck my hair behind my ear, tilt head to the ground out of 'embarassment', slightly raise hand], they're mine. Sorry about that." ... No, there are too many variables. I don't recommend this technique, either.

1. I like to call this one the Swoosh-Splash method. (I'm considering copyrighting it.) It's my personal favorite, an idea I've been mulling over all week. This is how I see it going in my mind: Girl goes to the beverage table after chuch to get some kool-aid. On her way back to her friends, she passes by the guy she has "noticed" and oops! ... accidently spills the kool-aid on his shirt. "Oh, dear! Let me go get a towel to help wipe that off." While spilling forth all sorts of apologese and offers to pay to have his shirt cleaned, an introduction is made.

Those who oppose this option have stated that this may not be the best way to gain his attention.

But think of it this way. Her walking up to his with an outstretched and saying, "Hi, my name's Theresa. What's yours?" ... not memorable. But "Hi, my name's Theresa." + stained shirt = memorable.

And then later should they hit it off she could smoothly let him know that their meeting wasn't as accidental as he originally thought.

Plan B: Still using the key idea, walk up to the guy, and if you have one of those cool keys where you press the button and the key flips out like a switchblade say, "Isn't this cool?"

bethy31 said...

Quick question - what's the difference between a post and a comment that is post length?

Jim the 3rd said...

I was going to say April 16 is a long way away and wonder how I'm going to make it, but I think your comments qualify as posts cause they are so long, so you're not really gone.

sajini said...

hey there!! Last night at chruch, my sweet friend spotted a guy but didnt have the courage to go say hi. So I accidently bumped into him at the coffeehouse after and started a conversation. Anyways, long story short, he met my friend, we sat down, enjoyed music and he got her number!!! Im glad I bumped myself into him... :)

bethy31 said... are a good friend!

sajini said...

Hopefully, she will do something along the same line for me if its needed!!!

Lisa said...

Hey Christine, I just wanted to echo Donna's invitation to our afternoon tea party tomorrow. It is around 3-3:30pm and we would love to have you.

I believe you have my # so give me a ring if you are able to come and need directions!

ckhnat said...

Who ever said all guys are alike?

As we all know, some of the best cooks are men. But not all men know what a Rue is.

However, a few nights ago I was priveledged to be in the middle of a conversation between three men in which they discussed their different recipes for making Rue. One fellow swore by margerine. Another was convinced butter was the way to go. The third waxed eloquent on how one brings the base to a low simmer over several hours to make it a dark brown.

My girlfriend and I just stared at each other in fascinated amazement.

But last night the conversation was different. These were other men. I walked into a friends house where a couple of us had gathered to fellowship bearing offerings of vegetables and homemade spinach dip in an olive oil/rosemary bread bowl. I was a bit late (having fallen into a deep slumber) and those gathered had to nurish themselves on mere delectable brownies before I arrived. When I entered the apartment, the guys turned to see my food offering and screached in delight, "VEGETABLES!"


Anonymous said...

Is "rue" an alternate spelling for "roux"?

sajini said...

Yes it is. I like the darker roux. They sometimes call it choclate or penut butter roux.

ckhnat said...

you got me, Anon. I missed that day in Home Ec.

ckhnat said...


What are you passionate about and ...

what are you doing to live those passions?

These are questions my mother once asked me. Questions that I had never found necessary to think through.

But now ... now I regularly go back to these questions.

Psalm 37:4 states, "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." Does this equate God with a gum ball machine? Stick a quarter in the slot and a big ball of blue sugar comes rolling out? Does it mean leaping around the room, shouting, "I love Jesus!" and then poof, that bicycle you asked for when you were ten appears in the middle of your living room?

Or perhaps the psalmist is saying that when one communes with God, finds himself falling in love with Christ, allows his thoughts to linger on the Lord throughout the day, lives contentedly in the knowledge of his Savior that God plants desires within us. He grants us HIS desires ... his passions ... and makes them ours.

These are different than gifts of the Spirit. I believe spiritual gifts are given to us to live and achieve these passions.

How many people are living their passions? How many people even realize what their passions are?!!

Kristy Marie said...

why are you taking a break? just curious. sorry I haven't left you a comment in a while, school has been crazy! How are you doing?

Darlene said...

Enjoy your break. I just popped in for the first time, and I see that there's plenty here that I can read.

Kristy Marie said...

hey thats cool, I will be seeing you this weekend. until then

ckhnat said...

sweet dreams ... my daddy says.

ckhnat said...

My father has been discipling a young man recently. I was shocked when he told me, "Christine, if he wasn't German, I wouldn't have anything against you marrying him." That's the highest commendation my father has ever given a German man.

"Hmm, let's see here. Everything seems in order on your application to marry my daughter. Helicopter pilot. Growing in the knowledge of God and faith. Hard worker in the church. Oh ... wait ... it says here under 'Nationality' that you are German ... was that an error? No? Well, thank for your time." And then wham! my dad drops the application in the rubbish bin.

Ha ha ... I've never met the guy. But supposedly the women in the church are wishing they had older daughters so that they could claim him as a son-in-law. But, what about his fiance in Texas? Ha. Silly women.

We love the German people ... but, it's just out of the question that I ever marry a German man.

ckhnat said...

Nancy Leigh DeMoss recounts a friend's description of experiencing Christ's love through her husband's love.

"As we wept and trembled when he took my bandages off the first time, I was so ugly, scarred, and bald. I was in intense grief that I could never be a whole wife to him again. Steve held me tightly and with tears in his eyes said, 'Melena, I love you because that is who I am.'

"I instantly recognized Christ in my husband. As His bride, we are also eaten up with cancer--sin--and are scarred, mutilated, and ugly, but He loves us because that is who He is. No comeliness in us draws Christ's attention; it is only His essence that draws Him to us."

Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Lies Women Believe (Chicago: Moody Press, 2001), 51.

ckhnat said...

"Germans are flummoxed by humor, the Swiss have no concept of fun, the Spanish think there is nothing at all ridiculous about eating dinner at midnight, and the Italians shouldnever, ever have been let in on the invention of the motorcar."

".... It fascinated me that Europeans could at once be so alike--that they could be so universally bookish and cerebral, and drive small car, and live in little houses in ancient towns, and love soccer, and be relatively unmaterialistic and to eat and drink--and yet be so endlessly, unpredictably different from each other as well. I loved the idea that you could never be sure of anything in Europe."

Bill Bryson, Neither Here nor There, (New York: HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 1992), 35.

Bobby said...

Wow. I haven't been here in a while because you said you were taking a break. In fact, I came here by accident. And what do I find? Controversy. Yearning. Battle. Hilarity. Debate.

Gee whilakers. I think you should have a radio talk show or something.

ckhnat said...

It was the last Saturday in the Art Labs of my college career. I decided to go out with a bang. My dearest little friend and I were going to spend the day there together. There were a few of us stragglers hanging out ... most of us with nothing better to do.

As we walked down the hallway I asked Dolly to wait for me outside the Faculty Ladies Room (the very same one that led to the streaking incident).


I want to show you something. It's in my bag. I'll put it on and then come out.

Thinking me horribly silly, she crossed her arms and promised to wait.

I reached into my bag and brought out my Neon Green Wig. I had been saving this baby all year for the perfect day. One revels in such carnal pleasures when supressed by silly legalism like that of PCC's. My new hair color matched my shift dress perfectly. All I needed were white gogo boots.

Close your eyes, I yelled through the locked door.


My little pixie friend opened her big brown eyes and then opened her mouth to SCREAM ... Dolly never screams ... even when I talked her into riding in the front seat of the world's largest, steepest wooden roller coaster ... even when we went on the ride called SCREAM ... but now ... now she screamed with overwhelming silly delight and shock.

I heard feet rushing to see what the comotion was about and dodged back into the restroom.

Then I heard voices.

Charis ... Chris ... cameras waiting and ready for another revelation of the green haired giant.

Sigh ... why not. Live a little.

ckhnat said...

green wig picture with two guys who got a kick out of it.

ckhnat said...

Is it socially acceptable to google somebody ... or is it only tabu to say you did?

Carmen said...

Christine! My, how I am missing you! Perhaps i shall give you a ring sometime...and i'm enjoying your blog, as always. Oh, I got an assistantship on a Mexico study abroad in may..i'm excited. Don't know why i'm mentioning that, i'm just thrilled. Okay, that's all, i think i should go to sleep now.

sajini said...

Its tabu to say that you did!!!

sajini said...

I am loving the wig.

ckhnat said...

In Germany it is already April 1st.

Happy Birthday, Daddykins!

ckhnat said...

What are we doing to Pigs?!!

Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, Comedy Central, March 29, 2006.

ckhnat said...

I played pooh sticks
today. My dad's stick won. No big deal. It IS his birthday, afterall.

ckhnat said...

Eat Hufu, the healthy human flesh alternative.


ckhnat said...

Hanging out for God.

ckhnat said...


Thanks, Sajini.

sajini said...

Thanks wonderwoman, you are adorable too, considering I havent met you.. :).. I see you have a link to Anthropologie. I love that store. Its my favorite. but lately, i havent been feeling thier clothes but the sales are always good, at least the store near me and in Philly.

ckhnat said...

I LOVE this shirt.

ckhnat said...

Hi Pensacola.

pauled215 said...

"I love you because that is who I am."

I used to silently think about love, and how the love between husband and wife ought to reflect Christ's love for us. And I kinda came to that same conclusion, that love isn't based really much on the other person, as much as it is your own character and intention in loving them. Which takes the sometimes intimidating edge off the search for a significant other. Living happily ever after doesn't depend as much on your ability in *finding* someone who is lovely, as much as it depends on you *being* someone who is lovely. Which I think is supported by most of the NT teachings directed as husbands and wives. (1 Tim & 1 Peter come to mind)

I say that I thought this silently, because I had the impression that such an idea was not very popular. So thanks for posting that, it's encouraging.

And as a guy any of those tactics you scoffed at would've worked on me if I was interested in a girl. Though I must admit I'd have to think carefully about a girl that was so accident-prone as to spill Kool-aid all over an innocent bystandard. That would really limit me with the first-date options I felt comfortable with. Who knows what she might do next!
But each example you gave certainly shows a distinct personality trait, and it depends on what the guy thinks about that personality trait for you to score bonus points. But either way, those should get you in the door. If they don't, then he wasn't interested. But that doesn't mean he won't be ;)

ckhnat said...

Thanks, pauled215 (funny name, by the way, your parents had quite a sense of humor using numbers and stuff when they named you), for piping up. Truths of Scripture should never be hidden. We have been ordained to be the salt and light of the earth. How flavorful is a love that is far from superficial but enabled by the Holy Spirit! How bright is a love between a husband and wife that radiates Christ's love for the church!!! Say it proud, pauled215 (i'm sorry, I have to laugh every time I type that ... did you get mocked in school?)!

Oh, so you wanna know which one I used?

None of the above.

It just so happened that I slipped into church a bit late one Sunday. Found where two of my friends were sittiing. Slid into their row. Sat down. Bam! He was sitting directly in front of me. All I had to do was wait for the "passing of the peace" (or meet-and-greet as traditional Southern Baptists put it). But I was real cool about it. I shook the people's hands behind me first and then in good time, turned around and shook his and his friends' hands.

We had a good talk.

sajini said...

Nice move!!

ckhnat said...

This Week in God of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Remind anyone of Nebuchadnezar?

ckhnat said...

Dont believe it? Then check THIS out.

ckhnat said...

It's only the best music EVER!!!

ckhnat said...

How happy am I that Green Tea Fraps are back!!!

ckhnat said...

I was actually brought to tears over a moment of worship this evening. Praise to the God of all creation the giver of grace who enables feeble sinners deserving of all evil and horror to create marvels of beauty and sensual delight.

I ate at the Gasthaus tonight.

ckhnat said...

one reviewers thoughts ... from Leo:

Rating: 4 $$ HA
4812 Brownsboro Rd. 899-7177.
Gasthaus German Restaurant is like the perfect male fantasy: good beer, plenty of beef and pork on the menu, and a waitress who looks like Daryl Hannah in a dirndl who is ready to bring you anything you need. The chef, influenced by a mix of French and German, creates a formidable alliance of continental cuisine that translates into brilliantly engineered dishes, meticulous techniques, lovely sauces and a focus on house-made dishes prepared from hand-selected ingredients. Excellent potato-based dishes include kartoffelknodel and bratkartoffeln, while pork, beef, chicken and veal dominate the menu.

sajini said...

Are you German by any chance?

ckhnat said...

no ... but that doesn't keep people from calling me "the german girl."

ckhnat said...

The Lost Letters of Pergamum ... excellent read and resource concerning early Christian life during the 1st Century.

ckhnat said...

I couldn't decide what sort of comment to post about this. So many come to mind ...

sajini said...

Grrrr!!! thats my response. I heard it on BBC world news last night.

ckhnat said...

My friend on Wheel of Fortune.

Martha said...

Just think, if you could get on "Wheel of Fortune" you could be instantly famous instead of "almost".

ckhnat said...

It's spring, the air is full of the fragrance of flowers, the weather is perfect for walking, and I'm happily Single. Today, I am called to be Single ... and I'm positively glowing (or so says a friend of mine).

ckhnat said...

Pets are people, too!

thanks, chum.

ckhnat said...

So ... I got the fabric and pattern in the mail today for my very first bridesmaid dress!

ckhnat said...

Yesterday I was making small talk with a woman about the solitary blossom on her tulip tree. She wasn't listening to me much. Too busy caressing her SNAKE! (reptile not pictured)

ckhnat said...

a bit of southern culture for ya (you have to hear it to fully appreciate it ... particular the "owwwWEEEEE!!!!!" parts):

by Southern Culture On The Skids:

Baby, Would you eat that there snack cracker
In your special outfit for me, please?

Yo ye pharoahs, let us walk
Through this barren desert, in search of truth
And some pointy boots, and maybe a few snack crackers.
OWWWW WEEE baby, you make me wanna walk like a camel.

Who's in charge here, where's my Captain's wafers?
Don't go around hungry now, the way you eat that oatmeal pie,
Makes me just wanna die, baby, OWWWW
You make me wanna walk like a camel.

Say, you don't think there's any way I could get that quarter
From underneath your pointy boot, do ya?
All I want is just one more oatmeal pie.
OWWWW WEEE, Little Debbie, Little Debbie
I'm a comin on home, baby, 'cause you make me wanna walk
Like a camel, OWWWW WEEE

ckhnat said...

O'Reilly doesn't know of any theologians that believe the Gospels to be historical historical.

Donna said...

How cool that you knew someone on Wheel of Fortune -- my older half brother was on Ricki Lake about 10 years ago.. no joke. Not the highlight of his life, that's for sure.

ckhnat said...

Being single is not an error that the church needs to fix. Single men and women fully bear the image of God.

ckhnat said...

Welcome aboard the Rooibos bandwagon. Tell all your friends.

ckhnat said...

"Baby, your name must be Grace, because you're Irresistable."


CraigS said...

Happy Easter Christine!

And let me say that Australia is not just a "pretty desert" - thats just something jealous Kiwi's say about our awesome country. ;-)

mike said...

Wow long thread that might have been one of the first few posts by Craig

mike said...

And all those comments... about half of them were yours CRAZY

mike said...

Also incase you had forgotton... I love you