Sunday, October 30, 2005

washing the car vs. crying

Where do you feel free to throw off convention and reveal your suffering soul if not to anyone but yourself?

This evening I roamed the streets in search of a carwash ... ah ha! after a few funky U-turns and illegal crossings of traffic, I slowly pulled into an automated car wash till the sign read STOP.

I plugged my iPod in and cranked up the music till I could barely hear the pounding of high-pressure water hoses scourging the filth off my Beetle. As Late Tuesday and I sang the prayers of my heart, I could feel worry, regret, fear, guilt, and anxiety fall away from my troubled soul.

This is what I do instead of cry. Crying's a waste of time. Go to the carwash and sing ... you get two things done at once then. Your heart is refreshed and your car is clean.


Carmen said...

Ah, I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks crying is a waste of time...and tissues. I need to call you sometime, I'd like to hear about Germany and I've got stuff goin' on too, so maybe if I find a few moments this week you'll get a buzz from me!

Lisa said...

I have always had a certain fascination with those automatic car washers. It is amazing how many sanctuaries we can kind when creative. And, perhaps, like watching the rain when you are sad, the thunder of water drenching the car is very soothing.

One of my favorite songs I think of is from "Ernest Goes to Camp" (yep, a random 80's movie)

Gee I'm glad it's raining -
There's always something... to be thankful for.
I'm awful glad it's raining -
'cause no one sees your tear drops when it pours.

And no one knows the thunder
Is your heart-break in disguise,
They think those rainy nights
Did put that sad look in your eye.

I sure am glad it's raining -
The gentle river soothes the pain inside.
I'm glad the stars aren't shining -
This wounded warrior needs a place to hide.

I thought I had found someone
I could count on 'til the end.
What they wanted was a hero,
All I needed was a friend

Gee I'm glad it's raining -
I hope the morning sun won't come up soon.
As long as it keeps raining,
No one knows my heart broke right in two.

I thought I had found someone
I could count on 'til the end.
What they wanted was a hero,
All I needed was a friend

I sure am glad it's raining.........

I'm awful glad it's raining........

Sigh. Great song. The movie is worth watching just for that song.