Tuesday, October 04, 2005

a chapter closed

“For someone like you it’s good to travel now ... but if you’re Christine, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll be doing it for the rest of your life.” ~ c.b.

I am a modern nomad. It is nothing for me to pack up my bags and move on a whim. I have no roots. No ropes tieing me down. The world is my tent. Wherever the Lord is, there my home will be.

The Lord directs my steps in different ways--anywhere from gripping my heart and assuring me this is my destiny or the deliverance of a desire into a reality. Two and a half years ago the Lord gripped my heart by telling me that He had a purpose for me in Savannah, Georgia. Now He has fulfilled a desire by leading me to Louisville, Kentucky, to study His Word at Southern Seminary.

This weekend I removed all of my worldly possessions from Savannah. I have nothing left there but the pieces of my heart that are planted in the hearts of those I have come to love.

Will it be two or three years till I am brought somewhere else? And what was that purpose? Why was I in Savannah? Was I sent there to be transformed into the image of God’s Son? Did I somehow affect someone’s life in a way that I will never know this side of heaven? Did I meet someone while there that I will one day later encounter in a life-changing experience?

God’s ways are wonderful, marvellous, too high for me to comprehend.


CM said...

I gotta know... is that picture from a play or a living piece of art? Either way, it's very expressive and "pops".

ckhnat said...

Dolly and I had painted the landscape in the background for the play "Lena Rivers". I played the role of Mrs. Livingstone, a Southern aristocrat mother, and she played my daughter who was virtually of the same snotty mold (fairly odd for girls that grew up in Germany and South Africa). But believe me ... that was NOT my costume. We decided to end the year with a bang and dressed a little out of the ordinary for a good laugh. We stopped by the old stage for a photo op. before we made our way to our front row seats at "A Midsummer's Night Dream."

Carmen said...

Hey, like you said before, you came to savannah to cultivate me as your "replacement". Well, not exactly, but your prescence stimulated my love of travel..and of people..and of different things. Also my spiritual maturity and independence was helped to grow by your friendship. And i've totally taken your place as the dating nazi here at SSBC.

N said...

does that school still have separate sidewalks for guys and girls?

what % of kids there would you say are in a fairly "rebellious" phase or mindset due to the extreme rules?

ckhnat said...

what school are you speaking of?