Sunday, June 17, 2007

HIBC Bridal Shower

My Wedding Dress:

A group drawing of the neighborhood where Mike and I will live:
(click on the image for a closer view ... what do you think? It appears that we live in a Palm Tree in between a shark infested pond and Germantown.)

Bridal Shower Mad Lib Story

Pay attention and listen well as I tell you the love story of Mike and Christine. It was about seven years ago that Mike came across a good girl named Christine. He was on his way to Pluto when suddenly his eyes were drawn to a cool ceature, too lazy for mere words. He was overcome with excitement and was sure that he had found the woman he was destined to share his tree with.

She gazed at him with her soggy turquoise eyes and his big toe began to run beautifully. Never before had he felt such exhiliration and he invited her to join him for a fortnight at McDonalds. She agreed and Mike threw her off her feet.

Christine was smitten with Mike. She loved his exotic armpit and the way he referred to her as Pooh Bear. Mike was equally excited by Christine's slow bellybutton and stinky cottage. He didn't even mind when she called him Piglet.

The couple dated for 50 million hours. Then, one oily spring dawn, Mike bowed his nose to the ground and asked Christine's mouth in marriage.

Christine was so exhausted, she responded immediately with "Oo Lala!"

Mike took this as an affirmative response and the couple are now preparing for their wedding day.

After the wedding, they are off to Under Yam Yam Tree where they plan to spend a dusty honeymoon enjoying each other's eyebrows.

Now wouldn't you like to know what happens next?


Bron said...


Truth and Zeal said...

I am just speechless. Newspaper looks good on you, but "Pooh Bear" could not have been the only word you can think of for Mad Lib.

Dan (T&Z)

Nixter said...

That looks way better than mine did ;) Looks like fun!

The Borg said...

Ha ha ha! Love the rock, love the frock.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! I love madlib stories! Your kids will enjoy reading this someday. :^)

Anonymous said...

That is an impressive paper wedding dress!!
Kristin P

Kelli B said...

loved the dress! that is awesome that it held so nicely. :)

and that story about how you meant made me smile more and more as i read it. you guys are so fun!

Laura said...

Whew, it is so good that we didn't do a mad lib at the shower at my house. It would not have been quite as suitable for posting on the blog... Funny, yes, but appropriate? Errrrmmm...

jan said...

Wow. You're going to Under Yam Yam Tree for your honeymoon?! That's the coolest place ever. Always wanted to go. I hear they have nice exotic armpits there.

Wendy said...

Congratulations on your wedding!

I am glad you enjoyed using the bridal shower mad libs.

I actually found this blog when I was doing searches for copies of my site pages (so pardon my intrusion). Normally, it not good for my site if someone has a copy of one of my pages on their site or blog, etc., but since you only posted your story part and included the words you filled it, it's probably okay. It turned out really well actually.

May God bless you with many happy years together!

Helen said...

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