Monday, July 30, 2007

married for one month, part 3

Anonymous asked:

Do you think that as many people will read your blog now that you are no longer single?

Christine responds:

My purpose for writing has never been (well ... except for those couple of months in 2005) to stroke my ego and get people to read my blog. Look back through my earliest posts. No one commented (except Mike who a couple of months ago went through and read all my past writing and left sweet love notes at the end of each of them.)

That isn't to say, however, that I do not enjoy the exchanges of thought that occur in the comment sections. I often tell people that the comments are the best feature on my blog. I'm convinced that is why people return in between posts ... not to see if I've updated my blog ... but to see if anyone commented!

If no one reads my blog now that I'm married, I don't mind so much ... but I don't see why they wouldn't just because I'm a Mrs. now ... it would probably have to be a drastic change in subject matter or a complete disregard for updating my blog for people to stop checking up on me.


A-Hawk said...

Yeah, I totally agree. I don't think it will cause people to stop reading. In fact, it now gives more validity to what you've been saying. You now live what you have preached and speak from both sides of “the fence.” I for one, am seeing green ;)

meredith said...

Heya, I still read your blog! Your thoughts don't stop being interesting just because now you have to spend a little more time planning meals, ya know....!
M x