Thursday, November 02, 2006

on hold till November 27

till then, enjoy this elevator music by Eisley ...

Feel free to roam the archives. They're full of fascinating stories of donut fights in the Imperial Cafe in Prague, controversial articles about relationships between genders (a favorite with commentors), funny videos, how Mike and I met, etc. Normally the comments are the best part, so don't neglect those.

the drama of why i stopped wearing glasses

black dress, white socks, and Purim

in the dark with a guy

pulling a Ruth

dodging donuts in a German accent

my home

beware of hairy eyeballs

the controversies begin

crashing duck

mystery tea cup

dumb jewelry commercials

the beginning of the babble

spargel appreciation day and what she is not

walking with Wonder Woman

content with my singleness

Mike isn't personally pumped for online dating

addicted to MSN messenger by this point

Seattle and other silliness

back in the 'Ville with friends

struggling independent woman

counting down the days

Feel free to meander through my pictures or my videos.

Talk amongst yourselves ... and I will try to be strong and stay away ... if only to prove to Anon. and Bobby that I can!

; )


Anonymous said...

why are you on hold??

Lorie said...

Does this mean he's here?!

Bobby said...

Relax folks. If history is any indication, she'll still be around, making comments in her own blog articles that are longer than most bloggers' actual articles.

Of course, they say love changes things ...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she will comment in between sucking face time.

Kelli B said...

so excited for you! ENJOY!

and i will thumb through your archives in the meantime. :)

Jonny said...

Mike often races ahead and does what you would call "jaywalking". Please make him wait for the green 'WALK' light and hold his hand before crossing the road, or a car will come from the left, and wham. Note: I wouldn't feel comfortable holding his hand so I understand if you don't want to.

Bobby said...

Oh, Louisville is the jaywalking capital of North America. None of us know any better. I'm sure he'll be okay though.

Donna-May said...

we all hope so. for the sydney olympics they had to paint "look right" at every crossing because people from other countries kept looking left and were almost getting hit by cars.

Anonymous said...

hows that face sucking? (p.s. did i tell you that i really am happy for you)

Anonymous said...

we need photo's ^not of face sucking^ just of you two together :)

Ruth said...


I'm missing you both in the blogosphere!!

Praying for you two - hope it's marvellous being together in person.

Donna-May said...

i think we're all living vicariously through the two of you. (and i'm only very new to your blog) so excited for you both!

Jonny said...

Who has read all of this blog yet? I think Mike is the only one to have read all of it. He was looking very tied that month. It would take me a year.

mike said...

You guys will have to be patient. Pictures some time soon no rush.

Things are going really well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Christine. Don't recall ever posting here, so, allow me now to say your posts (and certain of the attendant comments) are a breath of really fresh air!

I hear tell you attend a womens' seminary. Which and where 'bouts stand these hallowed halls? (Sorry; I combed your blog as much as I could to find it, but, keep getting hung up on all these "meaty" posts...)



xwoker said...

Hi Christine,

Danke für deine Posts, sie sind wirklich erfrischend.
Deutschland? SBTS? CJ? Louisville? Für biblisches Frausein? Stolz und Vorurteil? Reformiert? Piper?
Falls ihr mal im Rheinland seid, würden wir euch gerne mal auf einen einen Kaffee einladen und eure Geschichte hören.

Mike und dir alles Gute und Gottes Segen.

lifeguard said...

well Kious...I can't wait to hear your stories form these last two weeks...just remember that I called it (July 5, 2006)

Bobby said...

I just want to say that I met Mike at Christine's (and my)church last night, and he's cool. And that Christine reminded me that's she's been true to her word -- hasn't posted; hasn't even commented. That's discipline for ya.

Anonymous said...

but she has been reading it....:)

Gretchen said...

Christine, I found your blog via "Pyromaniacs" and enjoyed scrolling through your posts. I was wondering, are you a student at Southern in Louisville? My husband just got accepted there, and we are headed down that way in January.

Just wondering. I realize only a million people go there, so I shouldn't be so surprised when I see "SBTS" in someone's post. It's just still all new to me. :)

You seem to be an exuberant person of whom I would love to make an acquaintance. I appreciate your flair and zest for life!