Friday, August 19, 2005

christine with a "ch" like Phantom of the Opera?

About an hour ago I walked into my "The Worshipping Church" class and someone whispered, "That's her" as I walked by to my seat. A fellow from my class was pointing out the only female in his class to a student from the previous class. Such is to be expected though, I suppose, when one decides to go to seminary. There's not going to be an overabundance of women in most of the classes. Although I hear if a guy really wants to meet girls here, he takes a counselling course. Lots of girls to be found there!

The first thing Bruce said when he heard that I was in a class with all guys was, "Christine, you're going to get married!"

Please ... a man falls in love with a girl a few states over and he thinks everyone else should be in love. Isn't that right, Bruce?

As I was leaving the building, John David, the accomplished pianist in the class, walked beside me.

"Is this your first year?"

"mhmm. First semester."

"What's your name again?"


"Is that with a "ch" like Christine in Phantom of the Opera?"

leave it to a church musician to associate my name with a musical ...

Then on the way to my dorm I saw Jennifer from Accounting.

"Christine, Hi! You know every time I see you I want to call you Michelle. I don't know why?"

I don't either. Maybe it's the same reason my softball coach in college called me "Michelle" all season. "Okay, and Michelle, go out to left field!"

I never corrected him. It didn't seem important at the time.

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